21 Haziran 2016

Aeroflot Russian Airlines inflight Magazine

Aeroflot Russian Airlines inflight Magazine,

In the June issue of Aeroflot magazine we will tell our readers about the most interesting sporting and cultural events of the upcoming month, as well as about new books and films. President of the Moscow International Film Festival, Nikita Mikhalkov, will invite everybody to this year’s showings, actress Polina Kutepova will talk about the unexpected outcomes of recording stories for children, composer Anton Batagov will explain his perception of Beethoven and Rachmaninoff, while writer Lev Danilkin will share his experience visiting strange places.

The Travel section will help you plan a vacation in the Sochi mountain cluster, as well as trips around the Arkhangelsk Region and walking tours of Saxon Switzerland nature reserve. And yes, you have already visited Athens, but isn’t it time to close the travel guide and see this city trusting the opinion of those who have spent a lot of time in the Greek capital?

The Matter of Taste section demonstrates that Moscow restaurateurs, probably tired of looking for reliable vendors, are getting very serious about produce of their own. Talented chefs help make the most of maintaining and developing the taste of fresh and high-quality food.

Here is another trend: it seems that asking about a car’s horsepower is getting old. The latest fashion is to be proud of the capabilities of the car’s brains.

Elena Zelinskaya’s dog gets sad as soon as he sees her start to pack: that means, she is about to go far away again and leave him behind. But to her readers the writer’s journeys are rather a joyful occasion, because this is where she gathers stories for her books. Excerpts from the new collection of stories, “Long Memory”, are published in this issue.

Aeroflot Russian Airlines inflight Magazine Premium;

Summer is officially here and we are really happy about it: we are looking forward to holidays, long warm days, lots of concerts, sunlit terraces and bright memories. The new issue of Aeroflot Premium is also dedicated to the most beautiful season that is equally pleasant in the city and in the country.

As usual the issue has a selection of interesting and anticipated events of the month, the latest fashion news, reviews of restaurants and hotels, car premieres, relevant gadgets, unique items made by masters for connoisseurs.

This issue’s heroes- art expert, General Director of the NCCA and founder of Innovation prize Mikhail Mindlin; Jimmy Choo creative director Sandra Choi; Soviet ice hockey legend Vyacheslav Starshinov. Special features: Report ― the best shots and famous monuments in VDNKh history; a detailed review of the main opera festivals of Europe; resorts and hotels with professional golf fields in the Best of the Best selection; the first article from a series on Russian winemaking in the Spirits section.

Fans of slow reading on long haul flights can enjoy the following articles: Science ― Bitcoin maths; Reading ― an excerpt from a book by Malene Rydahl Happy as a Dane about the vivacious nation; an anthology of pates in Gastronome section.

Aeroflot Premium’s English-speaking readers can enjoy translations of all the articles and editorials.

Aeroflot Stlye Magazine;

The June issue of Aeroflot STYLE is dedicated to the long-awaited arrival of summer. This month we set off for the seaside together with our models, taking with us swimwear from the most recent collections by well-known brands. The podium leaders are coloured stripes and bright exotic prints – a good match for our happy travel mood! In this month’s Beauty section you’ll find news of what famous make-up artists and hair stylists are offering us this season.

Our principal personality for this month is Monica Bellucci. Other interesting personalities featured in this issue are young actress Margot Robbie, well-known French blogger Garance Doré, Italian designer Antonio Marras, and Russian designer and restauranteur Denis Simachev.

Our traditional selection in Lifestyle will help you decide where to spend your best holiday ever; this June, we’re off to the island of Capri, Sri Lanka, Montenegro, and Tuscany.

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