23 Haziran 2016

Advertising in England

Advertising in England

In last few years, we receive lots of enquiries from real estate agents and construction companies to advertise their properties in England. British people buy lots of properties from Turkey every year and lots of investors come to Turkey to invest in property. Antalya, Bodrum and Istanbul seem to be the popular destinations for British people to buy property but they also buy hudreds of apartments and villas in Fethiye and Mersin. If you are a real estate agent or a construction company in Turkey, we strongly suggest you to advertise in property magazines in England to find buyers. So far, we have worked with hudreds of real estate agents in Turkey and Cyprus to advertise in property magazine in England and they are all happy that they have found property buyers from England and they started business with other estate agents in England. Turkey is a merging market in property sector so if you are looking for european buyers for your properties you need to be in the property magazines.

If your company operates in a different sector we still help you to find the most suitable advertising materials in England. As it is a very well developed country, England offers different types of advertising options and one of them definitely will suit your needs. To find out more about advertising in property magazine in England and advertising in England do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Outdoor advertising in England
  • Newspaper advertising in England
  • Tv advertising in England
  • Airport advertising in England
  • Magazine advertising in England
  • Billboard advertising in England
  • Internet ads in England
  • Property Magazines in England
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