23 Haziran 2016

Advertising in Afghanistan

Advertising in Afghanistan

Because of the political instability in Afghanistan, the business seems tight within the country. However, the best opportunities rise up in such circumstances and that is why American and European companies keep opening branches in Afghanistan. Compared to European and American companies, Turkish companies and products are much more welcome in the country. Very less Turkish companies show interest in this market however there is plenty of space for every Turkish company to take part in Afghanistan business market.

Real estate companies and construction companies sell thousands of properties to the buyers from Afghanistan after the 1 year residency permit law in Turkey. Afghanistan is now very popular among real estate agents and construction companies in Turkey to sell their properties. Tolo tv offers a good chance for those looking for property buyers and we have advertised lots of Turkish companies’ ads in Tolo tv to sell their  Turkish properties. If you are a real estate agent or a property developer in Turkey we strongly suggest you to advertise in Afghanistan to find buyers for your properties very easily. Because of our special agreement with Tolo tv, we offer you the most competitive prices to advertise. For more information you can contact us.

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